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MUSIC CALIFORNIA STYLE will feature sections from some of the top musicians, arrangers and producers in Los Angeles demonstrating how music is made in the entertainment capital of the World. Have you ever wondered how a song is crafted in California? What goes into making your favourite movie soundtrack? What can you bring to your instrument to boost your sound and playing abilities? With season 1 featuring The Philippines, 'Traditional World' will show the viewer aspects of the area possibly never seen before by tourists. 13 episodes of 26 minutes, led by narration creates a perfect program for filling those empty slots with clear language from your region. Japan, Mexico, Australia and Eastern Europe are the following seasons in this ongoing series that creates cost effective TV, all in 4K, building the future.

Musicians from all over the World aim to arrive in Los Angeles as one of the destinations to make their name. Every episode will feature one of these artists in a studio environment with a wide array of musical styles across the series.

Producers will reveal their trade secrets, engineers will show their tricks learned over years of experience and Drummers will be totally fed with “Drum tips and tricks” from a leading Session player. So much to cram into a 26 minute episode.